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myJH Portal is a tool that students use everyday to check their mail, grades, class schedule, etc. While you may be familiar with myJH Portal, are you taking full advantage of it? This page will cover new features and explain some of the lesser-known applications of myJH Portal.



Now applications myPay and W-2 eXpress have been grouped together under one quick link, myPayroll.

What is myPay and W-2 eXpress?

Whether you are working at the language lab, the library, or the rec center, if you are employed by Hopkins, these applications will be of great use to you. myPay is an application that allows student employees to keep track of their pay. myPay provides you with a pay statement summary so you can find out when your check went through and how much you were paid.

W-2 eXpress gives employees online access to W-2 Wage and Tax Statements. W-2 eXpress also allows employees to access and obtain a copy of their W-2 instantly and correct errors or changes on their W-2. To learn more about W-2 express and its features, click here.

My Apps

    My Apps

JShare is an online file sharing tool provided by JHU that allows users to upload, download and share files with one another. For those familiar with Google Docs, JShare is like Google Docs for the JHU community. Since it is web-based, users of JShare are able to share files both inside and outside of the Instituion. JShare is available to all JHU students, faculty, and staff. To learn more about JShare and how to use it, click here.

SPARS, or Software Procurement And Renewal System, offers students popular softwares (such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Anti-virus softwares, etc.) at a discounted price.

International SOS
International SOS is a service that provides traveling JHU students with assistance on medical, personal, travel, security and legal emergencies. International SOS is available 24-hours a day, ready to help you out in emergency situations while away from home. To learn more about International SOS and how it could help you, click here.

My Apps


ISIS, or Integrated Student Information System, is Hopkins' university-wide student information system. It allows students to sign up for classes, check grades, and get information on their student account and financial aid. To learn more about ISIS, click here.

Customize Your myJH Portal

You can customize your my JH Portal by adding tabs at the top, changing the layout of the page, and by changing the skin. You can do this by clicking on the "Customize My Portal" button on the upper right hand corner. To learn more, click here.

Setting Up an Email Alias

Is your default jhu email address long, obscure and hard to remember? While you cannot change your JHED ID, you can set up an email alias that is easier to remember. How does this work? Let's say your default jhu email address is jsmith1@jhu.edu, you can create an email alias, john.smith@jhu.edu. By doing so, people can enter your email alias to send you a message and it will automatically be forwarded to your JHEM. You can also have your email alias linked to your yahoo, gmail, or whatever email account you have. For a step by step instruction on how to set up your email alias, click here.

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